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     Remarkable service! They do a fabulous job cutting and wedging. Booked them for the rest of the year. Highly recommend.
Adrian Hubble11/06/2024
     Thanks a lot, Carpet Cleaner Raynes Park, for the excellent cleaner!
Joan Morris01/06/2024
     The men who assisted us were efficient and took great care of our belongings, demonstrating their dedication to their work.
Andy S.22/05/2024
     I can confidently recommend this cleaning service to anyone in need of an end of tenancy clean that meets high standards.
Lionel A.30/03/2024
     I am officially hooked on this company's amazing services.A small encounter with them yesterday had me absolutely blown away by how fantastic they were to work with.The staff was beyond accommodating and impressively qualified.
P. Bishop20/03/2024
     The service from the cleaner was superb, they were extremely helpful and hands-on, I look forward to using their cleaning services again.
Alex Richardson22/01/2024
     Punctuality was key as they jumped right into their job, treating all objects with eager thoughtfulness.
James Porter01/12/2023
     Quick arrival, respectable attitude and appropriate inquiries - left her to it while erranding, and when I got home it was much cleaner than usual.
Eunice W.18/10/2023
     Having hired RaynesParkCarpetCleaners, I must say that their performance exceeded any expectation I had for deep cleaning an elderly woman's two bed house that was about to be sold on the market. Not only were they punctual but they also worked incredibly hard and the end result of their efforts paid off - they provided an outstanding transformation of the house overall! Highly recommending RaynesParkCarpetCleaners.
Holly Davies26/01/2023
     My husband and I hired cleaners from Raynes Park Carpet Cleaners to clean my mother in law's flat every week. They do great work and cost less than other cleaning companies.
Kimberly J.21/05/2020
     They were super-fast and friendly and took great care of every inch, including my barbeque oven! Carpet Cleaning Company Raynes Park is the only cleaning company I'd recommend to anyone without doubt. Simply the best!
     Rug cleaning is tricky and needs to be done by specialists. I found my specialist team in RaynesParkCarpetCleaners.
Alan F.18/04/2019
     Very reliable, cheap and professional cleaning company! Would recommend Raynes Park Carpet Cleaning!
Susan H.07/12/2016
     As an owner of a small company I often have to deal with plenty of issues when balancing our expenses as best as I can. Sometimes one gets lucky, as we did when we decided to set up regular cleaning via Raynes Park Carpet Cleaning. They turned out to be an affordable and yet surprisingly efficient choice.
Portia L. 29/08/2016
     At the end of our tenancy our place was a mess and needed a good clean from a professional cleaning company. We booked RaynesParkCarpetCleaners to do the end of tenancy clean and they did a really top job. It was a good job we booked them because the oven hadn't been cleaned since we moved in and it was in a bad state, and only a very good cleaner could have made a difference to it. The cleaning service we received from this cleaning company was really good and they were able to come over the same day that we called which was a relief as we'd left it til the last minute.
     My house had been getting into a right state recently as I am working away from home a lot and there really is not anyone else to help out so I thought I would contact RaynesParkCarpetCleaners and get them to send someone round to do the one off cleaning I needed. The service was perfectly great and I was left with a house that was pristine once more. I was really pleased with the price and the results so I'm a very satisfied customer indeed! Well done and thank you!
Glenda Smith09/10/2014
     Well, me and the girls were going to have semi-regular get togethers, with the most convenient place being my home. I'm embarrassed about even the smallest amount of untidiness, so I decided to shop around for a professional cleaner. RaynesParkCarpetCleaners had some of the lowest prices around, so I wasn't expecting too much. That being said, I will admit it's nice to be proved wrong! The cleaner they sent over was lovely, and got the whole place looking marvelous in next to no time at all! I can certainly say I'll be hiring them more often, perhaps even on a weekly basis. Thank you so much for a wonderful service!
Flo Moore21/08/2014
     I didn't realise how much having a clean home could improve my home life! My kids were always nagging at me about the state of the house but, as a working mum, I just didn't have the time to do the jobs that needed doing! A friend got me on to RaynesParkCarpetCleaners and I thought their prices were really reasonable so I gave them a go. I'm so glad that I did - it's the best decision that I could have made! I have all the time I need to spent with my kids and at work, and my house always looks immaculate! Great service, even better prices!
Kate R.25/02/2014